1st Welwyn beaver and cub sleepover at Lees Wood

Posted on 17 November 2016

1st Welwyn beaver and cub sleepover at Lees Wood – 21/23rd October 30 beavers and cubs and 10 adults had a sleepover over that weekend.

The weather was kind, perfect in fact, both for the activities during the day, and the camp fires Friday and Saturday nights. To see youngsters from 6-10 years old, many for the first time at camp, looking on with wonder in their eyes at the singing (I think it was wonder!) and joining in with the singing and the actions made for a magical experience
The bunk houses were warm and well appointed if you have not tried them out, and hearty meals were prepared by Master Chef Tony Worsley.

The air rifles, cross bows and slack line were all very popular as were the bivouac building, fire lighting, pioneering, tent work and knot tying skills the youngsters learned
The torch lit hike through the woods was exciting for the youngsters, and as I said the camp fires rounded off both nights magically, with our beaver leader Leon showing off his camp fire ability for song rendition, though we could not match Tristan Cameron’s repertoire!

Despite their young age all the beavers coped well, with little or no home sickness and no need for us to change any bedding!

Role on next year with camps under nylon or canvas!

Andy Trotter

Cub leader/GSL – 1st Welwyn Scout Group

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