Remembrance Parade 2017

Posted on 2 January 2018

On Sunday 12 th November, I joined approximately 300 members of The Scout Association for
the annual Remembrance Day Parade in Welwyn Garden City.It was a bitterly cold morning and yet undeterred we paraded; young and old from The Campus to the Cenotaph in the Town Centre to remember and to give thanks for those that gave their lives for ours.

It was fantastic to be part of the parade and knowing that there were more Mid Herts
Scouts on parade in Welwyn, Codicote and Hatfield with an approximate total of 500 members
across the District, I felt proud.

I felt proud that we care, proud that we remember, proud that we are such a strong visual
presence across the whole District that will go some way to quiet the voice that is currently
criticising and condemning the young people of Welwyn and Hatfield on social media and in
the local paper, proud to say “here we are, remembering and caring” but most of all I felt
proud that we were able as one, to say thank you to those that gave their tomorrow for our

Freyja Smith

Muntjac ESU

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