Bushcraft Day

Posted on 25 March 2018

(It was a cold and snowy day at minus 2 degrees at least!)

Erica Evans ACL’s report of the day – well done to all the Cubs

The Cubs were very well behaved. It was a bit tricky being the only leader because every other group had at least 2 leaders.

As a couple of the Cubs were delayed we were a bit delayed starting to put up the tent which left us under some pressure to get it up quite quickly but the cubs all helped me and followed the instructions

It was freezing cold and though I had advised Cubs to be well layered up one cub got very cold. Thankfully I had some spare clothes and he was resilient enough to keep going once we’d warmed him up. Another senior Cub was fantastic at supporting him till he warmed up and followed my instructions which was great. He showed great leadership skills!

They all listened attentively and they were able to respond to all the questions very well and were also given praise for leaving their station tidy after the cooking activity.

We helped another group who had no shelter by inviting them to join us over lunch.

All in all I was delighted to see them take part. The Cubs and their parents all gave great feedback about how much their Cub had enjoyed it, one of whom having been at a sleepover the night before hence extremely tired.

As it was snowing during the event and very cold throughout it was a real test of the team, and Erica as leader, well done to all concerned

Activities completed:

Put up and took down a tent

o    Prepared and cooked their own food (chicken , veg and popcorn)

o    Followed nature trail and found out about animals and insects.

o    Learned several new knots; E.g. round turn and two half hitches, reef knot, lashing.

o    Made a table out of bamboo.

o    Made a bird feeder

o    Made a rope

o    Learned how to set and light a fire and fire safety

o    Learned how to make a shelter.

o    Learn how to warm up in the snow/keep warm

o    Cleaned up after themselves (and others)

They showed the following qualities;

A sense of adventure, Patience, Enthusiasm, Leadership, Helping each other, Listening skills, Tenacity/perseverance, Creativity, Trust, Kindness, Observation, Tolerance, Respect, Endurance, Sociability, Common sense

Our thanks to the organisers and helpers who put on such an ambitious event in very tough conditions.

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