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Posted on 28 March 2018

Blimey how quick the month has flown by, but what a busy time it has been!!!!
Kicking off with the Night Hike, what a fantastic event that was, 269 young people in 46 Teams from across the District & beyond. Huge thanks to Matt and his team who made it all happen.

On Saturday just gone it was Handicraft Competition for all sections, there were some really creative entries so thanks to all the young people that took the time to enter. I have to say I was very disappointed by the lack of entries from some sections, so I welcome your thoughts on why this was and how we can get greater participation next year. The Group winners were…
 Beavers – 2nd Welwyn
 Cubs – 1st Welwyn
 Scouts – 7th Hatfield
 Explorers – Muntjac ESU

Thanks to the ‘Purple’ Crew who did all the judging and special mention for Dave Wood who so skilfully made the new trophies and refurbished the others.

And then the following day 17 of your Leaders were all hard at it doing their First Aid Training, so thanks everyone for giving up your Sunday I hope you found it worthwhile.
Lots to look forward to in the coming months but I want to flag St Georges Day Parade (22nd April) Vick Trophy for the Scouts (28th April) and District Camp on the 18th – 20th May, I understand it’s looking like there will be over 300 YP camping I’m still hanging onto my original ambition of having people from all 10 Groups camping. The DC can dream can’t he!!!
And finally I want to tell you all about a change at the ’top’ …. After 9 years in the role Ian Turner has decided it’s time to stand down as ADC Cubs. My thanks to Ian for all he has done for the section and whilst a loss to the District Team I’m pleased to hear that he is carrying on the good work at the 2nd & 7th. I’m pleased to announce that Hazel Biggs has agreed to take on the role

Have a good Easter everyone, hope to see you all at St Georges Day Parade.

Tony Lyall


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