District Camp

Posted on 27 May 2018

That’s the Mid Herts District Camp over for another 2 years!

Over 670 nights away slept under canvass over the weekend from across all sections.
Over 60 Beavers met the requirements for Damboree.

Thank you to those that helped organise and supported the event, (or put up with me). We did well to pull off the event in 3 months. Just shows how successfully Mid Herts can work together. #OneDistrict
We successfully had input from the young people and the groups participating #youshape know there’s a few people missing badges, I’ll try and get these out to you soon.I hope all the leaders enjoyed it as much as the young people seem to. I’ve had a great time even though I have been exceptionally busy.From what I’ve heard so far, there’s 320 happy young people, and 100 proud leaders. #LoveScouting

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