Survival Camp

Posted on 5 March 2018

The weekend was planned so that older aged Scouts in the sections could work on the requirements for their outdoor and teamwork challenge badges. Throughout the weekend we were set a series of problem solving tasks and challenges that meant they had to work towards goals as a team. There were also brand-new team building challenges to try. Between bivouacs, backwards cooking and campfire duties we got loads of outdoor challenge badge bits to add to our records. The teams were made by choosing coloured Legos from Sim’s woolly hat, meaning that we had a brilliant jumble up of scouts from different groups.

Jason took charge of teaching axe skills and we had fun practicing with a whole range of different axe sizes. Some of the leaders even got involved and gave it try. After some giant-sized axe work, it was time to work on some smaller pieces of wood and practice making kindling ready for the campfire that night. Ollie and George had the task of teaching shelter building and then the teams got to work creating our bedrooms for the night. Some of them looked very creative and were using items we found around our campsite including logs and leaves.

After lunch the real challenge began! Each team was issued with basic rations of rice and beans. By completing the challenges, we were able to upgrade their meals by going along to the campsite shop to purchase luxury items at the end of the day. The shop had some compulsory rations to make our dinner but we spent the rest of our points on cake, biscuits and hot chocolate for dessert. Each team got issued with an egg to protect throughout the challenge to win extra bonus points for their team, all the eggs got a name and the competition was fierce to keep them safe. Between a giant spider’s web team work challenge, logic, first aid and knowledge we were kept busy for the whole afternoon.

After cooking in our teams and washing up, it was hot chocolate and campfire time. There were some fantastic songs, even some new ones that we had not heard before and George made a huge fire for us to sing around. Everyone had a successful and dry night in their bivouacs despite the rain during the evening. Some people almost got pushed out of their shelters when everyone rolled around in their sleeping bags, but we were really warm.

In the morning after a quick first breakfast we broke camp and took part in a treasure hunt to find a secret code. This unlocked a real breakfast of sausage and eggs, but all of the teams had to work together to find it. Finally, it was pack up and a giant wide game to keep warm before mums and dads arrived. Most of us had already completed most of the requirements for our badges which meant we could be awarded with our outdoor and teamwork challenge badge at the end of the camp.

We all learnt that camping with other groups is much more fun that just camping with your own team. We had a brilliant time making new friends and we are looking forward to catching up with them at the upcoming District Events. Oh, and Sim got her nights away permit so we will have even more camping to look forward too.

From the Mid Herts Survivors.


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