Handicraft Competition / Hatfield Living Show

Handicraft Competition / Hatfield Living Show

Every year a event occurs at Hatfield Park, of which this year the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Leaders are going to be involved in. Below is what we are doing to help this great event. 

The event we have been asked to help at is the Living craft exhibition. We have been asked to do a stall showing some of the traditional craft activities that scouts has too offer and what beavers, cubs, scouts and explorers would have doing years ago and still do today.

The Mid Herts Handicraft Competition

The young people have such great skills so to decide which entries are going to be displayed, we are currently running a district handicraft competition. So everyone across the district is going to be allowed to make their own entry which consits of small craft items. The theme for this competiton is Small Wonders. The competition will be open until the 4th of June. After this date the judges from within the district will decide which of the amazing entries are going to be featured at the Mid Herts District stall at the Hatfield Living Craft Competition.

What We Will Be Upto At The Exhibition

At our stall we will have a lot going on. Including the following demostrations:

– Whittling

– Traditional Rope Work

– Bushcraft

Also we will be selling some great little paracord craft kits and event be helping all the young people to make things out of paracord. So be sure to drop in to our stall to see all of the things we are going to be doing.


The Hatfield Living Craft Exhibition

The exhibition is held from Thursday 17th June – Sunday 20th June 2021 at Hatfield House Park. Its a great exhibition for carft lovers. The Scout district are in full support of this event so for more information go and check out their website. Click here for their website:

The Hatfield Park Living Craft Exhibition

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